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Naked Revolver was created so that you could see a luxurious show performed by elegant girls. This is a mega-cabaret bar in which every evening more than 10 beauties perform on stage. You can watch the general show program or arrange your own party by ordering several girls at your table.

In our club, Man is the center of everything! Girls will crave your attention, catch their excited views on youself, this is the norm, and to give them a part of your attention is a luxury that every girl wants to get. Are you ready to lead the parade? In this case, we are waiting for you!

Naked Revolver provides a large selection of dance programs for female and male striptease. Strip dancing girls in the Naked Revolver Club are the elite of seduction, real professionals in their field who do not reveal the secrets of their success and popularity to anyone, but their popularity is only growing!

Every evening has a special shade. Beach party, White Party, Barbie Party, office debauchery, slumber party, Brazilian carnival, Cabaret party, BDSM Party, Fight evening, Party of 2000s– you can choose what you like. Our creative has no limits to satisfy your sexual fantasies.


Beginning at 20.00

Contacts: +3 8097-1001-888